Swisens Digital Pollen Monitoring identifies particles within seconds and allows for the calculation of the actual local pollen-taxa concentration with a time resolution in the range of minutes. This data can be used as input for pollen forecasts and numerical models.


• Better and reliable quality of pollen-taxa data
• Real-time data of local pollen concentration
• High time resolution of local pollen-taxa concentration
• Instant verification of classification results
• Optimized classification SW by Swisens Ecosystem
• Full data service solution for real-time pollen taxa-data

Swisens Ecosystem enables you to enter a new era of particle measurement and identification with new perspectives in application. Our customized turnkey solutions create new dimensions in real-time aerosol particle classification.


Flexible And Optimized Particle Identification
By purchasing one of our solutions for particle measurement, you can participate in the Swisens Ecosystem and benefit from continuous enhancements in classification and from the extension to new particle classes. The built-in flexibility enables customized particle measurement networks to suit individual needs. Swisens Ecosystem provides open access to the Open Training Data Base and allows customers and researchers to contribute to the development of optimized and extended classification software.

Swisens Ecosystem Services
• Device maintenance incl. classification software updates
• Training Data Set (TDS) generation
• Development of classification SW for new particles
• Device maintenance and operational training
• Instruction on TDS generation
• Installation and setup of network configuration
• Operation of Swisens Data Base
• Swisens Poleno upgrade
• Support and trouble shooting
Customer specific adaption on request.

Further Information
Swisens Ecosystem

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