The Swisens success story

startupcity award swisens cleantech

Swisens is one of the most promising cleantech start-ups in Europe. STARTUPCITY gave Swisens the award and wrote an article. In the dedicated article, CEO and co-founder Erny Niederberger provides insights into the company’s success story. The seeds of innovation were planted when Erny Niederberger developed sensitive smoke detectors for his former employer. The challenge was to reliably distinguish smoke, water vapour and dust particles while deriving sensitivity to various aerosol particles in the ambient air.

Testing of Spore Aerosol Generator

Swisens Poleno with Spores Aerosol Generator

The first prototype of the spore aerosol generator applies a horizontal air flow to fungal cultures. Thus, the generation of bioaerosols is possible in a controllable and easy manner.

Successful proof-of-concept Phase

Proof of Concept Phase Team Swisens and MeteoSwiss

The Swiss Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology MeteoSwiss, recently completed the successful proof-of-concept phase for the new Swiss network for automatic pollen measurement, which is being developed in collaboration with Swisens.

Double premiere in Manchester for bioaerosol measurements

Manchester Urban Observartory SwisensPoleno

In early summer, a double first was celebrated with the installation of a SwisensPoleno measurement system in Manchester (UK). On the one hand, the first nationwide real-time pollen concentrations were measured. Secondly, with the ongoing crisis and various lockdown scenarios, the first remotely installed SwisensPoleno is in operation.

ESA 2020 – a brief review

ESA 2020 Blog Post

A short review of ESA2020, a highlight for Swisens and all involved. Like most trade shows and conferences this year, ESA 2020 had to give way to Covid-19.