SwisensPoleno Mars

Stable long-term measurement
Unsurpassed quality
Complete network solution

Turnkey solutions for digital particle measurement and identification

Measurement solutions from Swisens open up a new era of modern environmental data
for applications in science, society and industry.

Artificial Intelligence

Real-time particle identification

Our complete solutions show the way to digital particle measurement and particle identification for research and industry - with Swisens Poleno and the leading real-time particle classification.

Holographic images

Detection of Aeroallergens

The digital holography revolutionises

the automated real-time measurement of pollen in the air. The automated pollen identification has proven to be a successful method.

Unique measuring method

Environmental monitoring

System solutions from Swisens can be used for specific applications. The combination of measurement methods opens up new possibilities for research and environmental monitoring.

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New technology for better information about aerosol particles

Swisens Poleno is based on a groundbreaking technology for the precise and reliable measurement and identification of particles and aerosols in the air. Swisens Poleno marks the beginning of a new era in the measurement of aerosol particles.

The particle identification of Swisens Poleno is based on the analysis of

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Latest News

Pollen allergy, pollen allergy, hay fever,

Precision and AI for pollen allergy sufferers

With the help of Swiss precision and AI, pollen allergy sufferers should be able to breathe easier in the future. In the following two radio reports from Swiss Radio and Television SRF and Deutschlandfunk Nova, our system is presented to the general public.

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Real-time pollen data for Switzerland

The start of the 2021 birch blossom season is imminent. At the same time, the first real-time pollen data for Switzerland are available online. MeteoSwiss is making the data available in real time in an initial pilot phase. Once per hour, the measured concentrations are transmitted automatically.

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