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Turnkey solutions for digital particle measurement and identification

Measurement solutions from Swisens open a new era of modern environmental data for applications in science, society and industry.

Artificial Intelligence

Real-time particle identification

Our complete solutions show the way to digital particle measurement and particle identification for research and industry - with Swisens Poleno and the leading real-time particle classification.

Holographic images

Detection of Aeroallergens

The digital holography revolutionises

the automated real-time measurement of pollen in the air. The automated pollen identification has proven to be a successful method.

Unique measuring method

Environmental monitoring

System solutions from Swisens can be used for specific applications. The combination of measurement methods opens up new possibilities for research and environmental monitoring.

Fairs & Conferences 2020

European Symposium on Aerobiology

16 - 20 November 2020 (online event)

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New technology for better information about aerosol particles

Swisens Poleno is based on a groundbreaking technology for the precise and reliable measurement and identification of particles and aerosols in the air. Swisens Poleno marks the beginning of a new era in the measurement of aerosol particles.

The particle identification of Swisens Poleno is based on the analysis of

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Latest News

ESA2020 Blog Post

ESA 2020 - a brief review

A brief review of ESA2020, a highlight for Swisens and all those involved. Like most exhibitions and conferences this year, the seventh European Symposium on Aerobiology (ESA 2020) had to make way for the virus. We are glad that this important event can still take place online. Not only because we appreciate the exchange in the community, but also because the latest scientific developments are driving our developments forward.

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Manchester Urban Observatory Swisens Poleno

Double premiere in Manchester for bioaerosol measurements

Double premiere in Manchester for bioaerosol measurement. In early summer a double premiere was celebrated during the installation of a SwisensPoleno measurement system in Manchester (UK). On the one hand, the first nationwide real-time pollen concentrations are measured. On the other hand, with the ongoing crisis and various lockdown scenarios, the first remotely installed SwisensPoleno is now in operation. Swisens systems are designed to allow installation by the customer with some technical understanding and specific instructions. A wonderful story that shows what is possible for the customer.

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Proof of Concept Phase Team Swisens and MeteoSwiss

Successful proof of concept phase

The Swiss Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology, MeteoSwiss, recently completed the successful proof of concept phase for the new Swiss automatic pollen monitoring network, which is being developed in collaboration with Swisens. The Swisens Poleno, which is based on holographic image recognition, enables bioaerosols to be counted and identified in real time. "The proof-of-concept did not only focus on pollen measurement, but also evaluated data management and data security to ensure seamless integration into MeteoSwiss' surface monitoring networks", reveals Dr. Benoît Crouzy, scientist and project manager for the automated Swiss pollen monitoring network at MeteoSwiss.

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