Real-time bioaerosol monitoring

Your challenge

A diverse set of measurement data, which records different properties of a particle, is the decisive basis for a comprehensive characterization of bioaerosol particles. The rich data set of a single particle means that automated measurement methods can generate large amounts of data in a very short time. However, Big Data does not automatically lead to better research results. Effective analysis tools help to reduce the time required and extract the essence from the measurement data. 

Our solution

Our complete solutions offer fast and reproducible measurement data for comprehensive particle characterization and clear data management.


  • Swisens Poleno provides unique information about the morphology and chemical composition of a particle and enables the measurement and identification of bioaerosols in real time.


  • Swisens Data Explorer allows a fast adaptation of Machine Learning for research projects without expert know-how. The identification of particles can thus be extended continuously and independently.
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Swisens Data Explorer
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