Beyond Details - Automated pollen monitoring

Up to now, pollen information has been produced by manual measuring methods according to international standards. These methods require complex and time-delayed laboratory processes. Thanks to the latest technological advances, pollen information can be obtained in real time. 

Breaking new ground

We offer a complete solution for automated pollen measurement and real-time pollen information. The pollen variety is identified within seconds. The local pollen concentration is available with a time resolution of a few minutes. Thanks to the reliable results of Swisens Poleno, the clear data management and the transparent data generation, the data can be used for pollen load prediction and numerical models. The result is real-time information for allergy sufferers and for diagnostic purposes in allergy treatment. 

Swiss Automated Pollen Network – Swisens supplies systems for national network

MeteoSwiss is doing pioneering work in the automation of the pollen monitoring network. Swisens and MeteoSwiss launch the Swiss Automated Pollen Network. The data for the pollen forecasts will be available in full from 2022.

The unbeatable advantages of automated pollen measurement with Swisens Poleno

Setting new standards for pollen measurements together

In a close scientific exchange with the renowned Federal Office for Meteorology and Climatology MeteoSwiss, Swisens has developed a solution for real-time pollen measurement. Swisens is supplying the first systems for the nationwide pollen monitoring network "Swiss Automated Pollen Network" for 2021 and is supporting MeteoSwiss in this pioneering work. The entire network will be ready for use in 2022 and will set new standards for automated pollen measurement in Europe and around the world.

The opinion of our customers is important to us:

Project Manager, MeteoSwiss, Swiss Automated Pollen Network, Swisens
Benoît Crouzy

"Swisens has shown to be a service-oriented partner in any case, addressing requests diligently. Swisens has shown to be strongly oriented towards client and market needs."

A revolution in the service of users

In order to disseminate more precise information in real time, MeteoSwiss has been putting its expertise in pollen measurement at the service of researching and testing new systems for several years. In addition, MeteoSwiss has further developed international cooperation in this field and is coordinating a European programme for automatic pollen measurement within the framework of EUMETNET, the umbrella organisation of Europe's national weather services.

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