Real-time pollen data for Switzerland

The start of the 2021 birch blossom season is imminent. At the same time, the first real-time pollen data for Switzerland are accessible online. MeteoSwiss made the data available in real time during an initial pilot phase. Since then, Swisens' automatic measuring systems have been transmitting the current pollen concentrations.

The benefits of real-time pollen data

Recently, and for the time being in a pilot phase, 5 SwisensPoleno measuring stations measure the concentrations of 7 different pollen types in Switzerland in real time. The data are available after a few minutes. The real-time data can in particular improve pollen forecasts and the quality of information for people with allergies, medicine and research, contributing to a better quality of life for a significant part of the population as well as reducing allergy costs.

The measurement network under deployment

Even though the first measuring stations are already measuring initial data, the measuring network for automatic pollen measurement is currently still being set up. MeteoSwiss would like to make a range of data available to the public while it is still being set up. In addition to 4 other pollen types, the hourly concentrations of the most important allergenic pollens - birch, ash, grass - will be available in real time. For the time being, these data are only available on the Website. This initial information at the 5 sites is the beginning and not yet a final version of the services related to the real-time polling data.

Snapshot of birch pollen concentration on 31.3.2021 in Zurich, source: https://www.meteoschweiz.admin.ch/home/messwerte.html?param=messwerte-pollen-birke-1h

Test environment for people with allergies

Swisens and MeteoSwiss are currently working on setting up the remaining stations for the entire pollen measurement network, which is expected to comprise 14 stations. At the same time, MeteoSwiss is developing its services on the basis of the data generated by SwisensPoleno further. The first new products are to be launched in the coming years. The pilot phase is now gathering important information for the development of the corresponding services. For example, it will be tested whether the presentation of the content is understood, whether it brings the desired benefits to the users and which needs still need to be taken into account. In this context, this pilot phase serves as a test environment for the further development of the services, in which MeteoSwiss will seek a constant exchange with the target group of people with allergies.

Real-time pollen data for Switzerland heralds a new era in pollen measurement.

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