SwisensPoleno Mars

Implemented with the users and the application in mind -The new solution for real-time pollen information.

Build networks with Poleno Mars for universal real-time pollen monitoring.

Poleno Mars is the new generation of real-time pollen monitor on the market with mature technology and network compatibility for fully autonomous and stable long-term measurements of local pollen concentrations and associated services.

Combining technology, unique software and advanced services, several systems can be linked to form a reliable network for better real-time pollen information.

Stable long-term measurements

Measure and identify local pollen concentrations reliably in real time. High availability thanks to robust design and high-quality technology.

Unsurpassed quality

The digital holography revolutionizes automated pollen monitoring. The proven key technology continues on its way.

Complete network solution

Designed for use in a network with low-maintenance operation. Meets the requirements for autonomous monitoring of pollen concentrations.

Developed as a future standard in
Real-time pollen monitoring

Further benefits of
SwisensPoleno Mars

  • High time resolution of local pollen concentrations.
  • Non-invasive measuring method.
  • Immediate verification of the identification results.
  • Fully remote operation, configuration and updates.
  • Fast and easy installation.
  • No consumables.

Learn more about the brand new SwisensPoleno Mars in the full recorded launching event.
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Learn more about the brand new SwisensPoleno Mars in the full recorded launching event.

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