The measurable particle sizes are between 0.5 µm and 300 µm.

These include among others:


  • pollen, spores and other primarily biological aerosol particles
  • Airborne solids such as mineral dust, dust particles
  • Water droplets

Flow rate: 40 l/min


The maximum concentration depends on the particle size. Particles larger than 10µm are concentrated up to a maximum value of 30'000 particles per m³. With a particle size of 2µm the maximum value is 1'000'000 particles per m³. This ensures a statistically relevant sampling for all particle classes and generates a clean jacket flow for the particle beam through the measuring system. 


  • Swisens Poleno
  • Sigma-2 Air Inlet
  • Most insulated weatherproof housing
  • 22″ Screen
  • Folding keyboard
  • integrated lightning conductor
  • Air conditioning
  • Mobile router (4G) and antenna
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