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Monitoring and modelling airborne pollen

Public awareness of the rising importance of allergies and other respiratory diseases has led to increased scientific effort to accurately and rapidly monitor and predict pollen, fungal spores and other bioaerosols in our atmosphere. An important driving force for the increased social and scientific concern is the realisation that climate change will increasingly have an impact on worldwide bioaerosol distributions and subsequent human health.

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Swisens Poleno with Spores Aerosol Generator

Testing of Spore Aerosol Generator

The first prototype of the Spore Aerosol Generator applies a horizontal airflow onto fungal cultures. Consequently, the generation of bioaerosols is possible in a controllable and easy manner. This aerosolization setup was described in the mentioned publication and allows for different operation modes by changing the air velocity, as stated by the authors. With low air velocities applied to the fungal cultures, aerosolization of fungal fragments with a size below 1 µm is possible.

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The Swisens success story

Swisens is one of the most promising cleantech start-ups in Europe. STARTUPCITY awarded Swisens with the award and wrote an article. In the dedicated article, CEO and co-founder Erny Niederberger gives insights into the company's success story. The seeds of innovation were planted when Erny Niederberger developed sensitive smoke detectors for his former employer. The challenge was to reliably differentiate between smoke, water vapor and dust particles while at the same time deriving the sensitivity to different aerosol particles in the ambient air.

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Pollen in real time

Official press release:

MeteoSwiss has been measuring pollen concentrations in the air for 28 years. These measurements are particularly important for allergy sufferers, who account for more than 20% of the population. Thanks to recent technological advances, it is now possible to carry out these measurements in real time. The realization of the automatic pollen measurement network has begun: the dawn of a new era in the tracking of these allergens.

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