The Swisens service offer

Swisens Data

For connecting, accessing and securing data

Swisens Data is a service with a server-integrated data management for your Swisens Poleno measurement system.

Our mission is to establish a secure and fast data synchronization of Swisens Poleno measurement systems to your preferred server infrastructure, so that you have an easy access to the data.

With Swisens Data you receive a tailor-made data management for your measuring stations. This saves you time and resources in dealing with the wealth of data.

  • Setting up the data management service for data synchronization
  • Setting up remote access to data via REST-API and Swisens Data Explorer
  • Setting up automatic backups
  • Provision of server infrastructure
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Swisens Care

For smooth operation and continuous measurements

Swisens Care is a service with system relevant software updates and manual maintenance work for the long-term operation of Swisens Poleno systems in the field and laboratory.

Our mission is to provide you with reliable and high data quality while keeping your maintenance efforts to a minimum so that you can fully concentrate on the measurement campaigns.

The connectivity, system monitoring sensors and maintenance functions of our systems enable us to perform remote maintenance work. Our robustly designed systems require no consumables during operation. This ensures manageable and transparent maintenance costs for our customers.

Swisens Care includes:

  • Annual periodic hardware check including on-site maintenance
  • Year-round remote maintenance, troubleshooting and active remote monitoring
  • Software updates for constantly efficient and safe operation
  • Automatic monitoring of the Swisens Poleno systems
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Swisens Ecosystem

Flexible and optimized particle identification

With Swisens Ecosystem you can continuously improve identification and extend the detection capability to new particle types. This flexibility allows tailor-made particle measurement networks for your specific needs. In future, Swisens Ecosystem will offer you open access to the Open Training Data Base. This will enable you to make an active contribution to the development of optimised and extended identification software and to benefit from training data from the Ecosystem community.


Our offer:

  • Education and training for the independent extension of particle identification
  • Quality testing and quality assurance of training data and algorithms for the identification of new particles
  • Support for data generation and data cleansing
  • Contract development of new algorithms for the identification of new particles
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