Simple atomization of particles and generation of stable concentrations

Swisens Atomizer is the only compact and mobile particle atomizer on the market. The device atomizes particle samples evenly over a longer period of time to constant concentrations and measurable single particles. It enables operators of Swisens Poleno and other measuring instruments in science and industry to atomize solid and dry particles for essential measurements. The training data sets for Swisens Poleno and other measuring instruments can be created efficiently - at a time when measurement data and their quality are of great importance.

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Further key data

Swisens Atomizer

  • suitable for a large air flow rate range (0.1l/min to >100l/min)
  • can produce very low particle concentrations
  • produces particle concentration in a wide range
  • allows the settings to be saved by particle type

The Swisens Atomizer operating principle briefly explained

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