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Real-time pollen measurement:
Automated pollen identification with Swisens

Breaking new ground in aerosol instrumentation and making an active contribution to more health, knowledge and quality of life on our planet. Measurement solutions from Swisens open a new era of modern environmental data in the fields of science, public services or industrial applications.

Real-time pollen information - Automated pollen measurements

Learn more about the solutions developed by Swisens for automated pollen measurement in real time.

Characterize bioaerosol particles -
Use data efficiently

Learn more about the characterization of primarily biological aerosol particles and the efficient use of data.

Erny Niederberger

Co-Founder & Managing Director

The approx. 20-minute Webinars are free of chargeand you can participate at any time.


Ask your questions during and after the webinars and get all the webinar material to watch afterwards. Co-Founder and CEO Erny Niederberger is looking forward to your participation!

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The measurable particle sizes are between 0.5 µm and 300 µm.

These include among others:


  • pollen, spores and other primarily biological aerosol particles
  • Airborne solids such as mineral dust, dust particles
  • Water droplets

Flow rate: 40 l/min


The maximum concentration depends on the particle size. Particles larger than 10µm are concentrated up to a maximum value of 30'000 particles per m³. With a particle size of 2µm the maximum value is 1'000'000 particles per m³. This ensures a statistically relevant sampling for all particle classes and generates a clean jacket flow for the particle beam through the measuring system. 


  • Swisens Poleno
  • Sigma-2 Air Inlet
  • Most insulated weatherproof housing
  • 22″ Screen
  • Folding keyboard
  • integrated lightning conductor
  • Air conditioning
  • Mobile router (4G) and antenna
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