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We are a company with experienced specialists and experts in aerosol measurement technology, high-tech engineering, Big Data and artificial intelligence. We produce and develop high-precision system solutions for the measurement and identification of aerosol particles. With our systems we want to uncover more information about the composition of air and the properties of the particles it contains - in an age when health, knowledge and quality of life are important on our planet.

Co-founder and CEO Erny Niederberger says:

Erny Niederberger Swisens Co-Founder

It is amazing how little we know about aerosol particles. We have decided to change this and actively contribute to the existing knowledge about the variety of particles in the air.

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The Swisens team

Erny Niederberger
Co-Founder & Managing Director

Erny is one of the three founders of Swisens. As an electrical engineer and with an MAS in business administration, Erny worked for over 20 years as an electronics and embedded software developer in industry and has developed various sensor systems, including for fire alarm systems. He discovered that we know very little about the microcosm of aerosol particles in our ambient air.

"In his spare time, Erny explores the mountains on foot or by mountain bike."

Reto Abt
Co-Founder & Operations Manager

Reto is one of the three founders of Swisens. With his master's degrees in electrical engineering and industrial engineering, he covers both technical and economic aspects.

He is very experienced in the field of opto-electronics and in analog, low-noise high-speed circuits as well as VHDL design, MATLAB simulations and data communication.

"In his spare time, Reto likes to spend time with family and friends."

Philipp Burch
Co-founder & Technical Manager

Philipp is one of the three founders of Swisens. During his master studies in electrical engineering, he made a significant contribution to the prototype of Swisens Poleno, which was built as part of a feasibility study. His master's thesis was awarded by the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts in 2016. He has a lot of know-how in analog and digital electronics, embedded software and mechanical design and manufacturing.

"In his spare time, Philipp is at the climbing gym and on his own engineering projects."

Swisens-Yanick cedar
Yanick Zeder
Software Engineer

Yanick successfully completed his Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering in February 2019. As a former competitive rowing athlete with the Rowing Club Reuss Lucerne, he is used to working unconditionally with the team towards a common goal. With his many years of experience in machine learning and software engineering, he is part of the data science and product development team and has been supporting Swisens since spring 2019.

"In his spare time Yanick is always looking for new challenges, both physically and mentally."

Patrick Minder
Marketing & Sales

Patrick has a degree in industrial engineering and extends our competencies in business development, marketing and sales. In his current further education in marketing and marketing communication, he forms the important interface between technology, market and customers within the team and the company.

"In his spare time, Patrick plays Ultimate Frisbee and can be found riding his bike on the single trail."

Count Swisens-Elias
Elias Graf
Software & Application Engineer

Elias holds a bachelor's degree in systems engineering from the Interstate University of Applied Sciences NTB Buchs. He is in charge of our application and measurement laboratory and responsible for application development and calibration of Swisens Poleno. With his practical experience in electronics, control and automation engineering he supports the development team since May 2020. 

"In his spare time, Elias plays the drums and can be found bouldering."

Cédric Spring, Swisens, production, technical service
Cédric Spring
Production & Technical Service

Cédric has several years of international experience as a technician in customer service for automation robots. In his previous job as a technician in the field, he has worked on various workstations worldwide. Since August 2020 he has been supporting the team in production and technical service.

"In his spare time, Cédric can be found at his motorcycle workshop or with his family."

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