Swisens Poleno
Swisens Poleno provides the most independent characteristic values per particle available on the market. It renders a mosaic of information about the particles going through the system including high-resolution images of every single particle. Based on this rich dataset and in combination with state-of-the-art classification algorithms, outstanding quality of the classification results is achieved.

• Holographic images
• Integrated aerosol concentrator
• Insertable sample collector

Overall Functions
The structure of Swisens Poleno base on the analysis of light scattering, holographic images, and UV-induced fluorescence. With these measurement methods, many independent features can be determined, allowing for an excellent quality of particle identification.

Morphological features
Information about the morphology of each individual pollen-grain is collected with a high-resolution holography setup delivering images of the particles. The advantages of the setup include a wide field of view in x, y, and z-axis while maintaining a very high resolution. The figures show reconstructed images of pollen grains taken in flight with the holography measurement setup.


Automatic pollen-taxa identification
The information gathered from each particle passing through the system is processed by state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms / neuronal networks. The area in which the algorithm is trained in relation to the holographic images becomes visible.

Autofluorescence is the natural emission of light by biological structures such as pollen and spores. Measuring the fluorescence emission spectra and the fluorescence lifetime of different pollen-taxa makes it possible to distinguish between them.

Further Information
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