Swisens Atomizer allows for a controlled nebulization of particles from a few microns up to several hundreds of micrometers in diameter. Swisens Atomizer is recommended for the calibration of new particles (pollen, spores, etc.) for Swisens Poleno or other measurement devices.

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Swisens Atomizer

Swisens Atomizer Function Principle
Pollen or other particles filled in standard macro cuvettes (12,5 x 12,5 x 45 mm3) are swirled by a vibrating plate and transported to the desired location by two independently adjustable airstreams. Depending on the settings, a stable concentration can be produced over a long period. There are preset settings for different types of particles. Settings can be changed via built-in UI, USB or smartphone app. The device can be easily attached to a standard Sigma-2 inlet. Swisens Atomizer comes with an enclosure and HEPA filters to keep out unwanted particles.

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