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Pollen allergy in the focus of science

An interesting article about the increase in scientific publications on the topic of pollen allergy and pollen forecasting. Monitoring and modelling with the help of automated pollen measurements is the focus of what is happening. Consequently, the abstract about the mentioned article:

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Vom Partikel zum Bildschirm

From particle to Screen

This article describes how we convert individual bioaerosol particles into data available on our screen. In general, we try to answer one main question: How does real-time bioaerosol data get to users?

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Relative fluorescence spectrum of SwisensPoleno Jupiter

In this blog article you will learn about the relative fluorescence spectrum of SwisensPoleno Jupiter. We will introduce you step by step to the basics of fluorescence and explain the advantages and disadvantages of relative fluorescence in the real-time measurement of bioaerosols.

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Daten aus Echtzeit-Messung Analysieren

How to analyze aerosol data from real-time measurement

The latest technologies allow the measurement and monitoring of aerosol particles in real time. A measuring system continuously draws in air and measures and identifies the particles it contains. This is also the case with the measurement systems from Swisens. In this article, we will show you one way to analyze aerosol data from real-time measurements using our measurement systems and software solutions.

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