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Real-time pollen monitoring in Europe

Pollen becomes an issue every year. At the latest in spring and certainly in summer when the birches and grasses start producing pollen. Area-wide pollen monitoring in Europe has been underway in the individual states for decades. However, nationwide, automatic real-time pollen monitoring in Europe is still in its infancy. Thanks to individual pioneering projects such as the Swiss Automated Pollen Network, real-time pollen data are already publicly available today. In this article, we show the real-time pollen information generated by our measuring systems within Europe that has been made public to date.

Real-time pollen monitoring in Switzerland

Since the beginning of the birch blossom this year, data from five SwisensPoleno monitoring stations in Switzerland are available online. MeteoSwiss provides the data in real time. Once an hour, the measured concentrations are automatically transmitted. Even though the first data is already being measured, the network for automatic pollen measurement is currently still under construction. From 2022, up to 20 measuring stations are to provide real-time data in regular operation. In addition to 4 other pollen types, the hourly concentrations of the most important allergen pollens – birch, ash, grass – are available in real time on the MeteoSwiss website.

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Measurement system: SwisensPoleno Jupiter

Location(s): Basel, Zürich, Buchs SG, Locarno, Payerne, Lausanne

Owner: MeteoSchweiz

Real-time pollen monitoring in the UK

Manchester-i provides the first real-time pollen information in the UK. Users can access live counts of tree and grass pollen. By default, pollen counts and the resulting allergenic load of the last 24 hours are displayed in hourly resolution. Users can adjust the time range and resolution in the fields of the graphs according to their needs.

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Measurement system: SwisensPoleno Jupiter

Location: Urban Observatory University of Manchester

Owner: University of Manchester

Real-time pollen monitoring in Finland

The Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) has recently started publishing real-time pollen data for Helsinki, Finland. In addition, FMI provides a graph of real-time concentrations of coarse aerosol particles, broken down by size. This enables a new perspective on the air surrounding us that was not possible before – a worlds first.

Real-time pollen concentrations:

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Real-time coarse aerosols concentrations:

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Measurement system: SwisensPoleno Jupiter

Location: Finnish Meteorology Institute, Helsinki

Owner: Finnish Meteorology Institute



Since spring 2022, real-time poll data has been published in the capital of Lithuania. In Vilnius, a SwisensPoleno Mars is located on the roof of the Vilnius University and provides data to the local platform miestiplauciai.vilnius.lt.


Real-time pollen concentrations:

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Measurement system: SwisensPoleno Mars

Location: Vilnius University

Owner: Vilnius University

Further projects with real-time pollen monitoring in Europe

The EUMETNET programme “AutoPollen” is working intensively on real-time pollen monitoring in Europe. The AutoPollen programme aims to fully exploit the great potential offered by automatic pollen observations. It brings together a consortium from across Europe with the multidisciplinary expertise needed to address challenges along the entire information chain – from the actual observation to the final product defined for the end user.

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Our complete solution for real-time pollen monitoring

From our point of view, automated real-time pollen monitoring in a regional or national network can be defined by the following features:

The solution is therefore not a single measuring system, but a network of components in the SwisensEcosystem Pollen Monitoring.

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