grass pollen release


Pollen Collecting – One Approach Of Many

This post describes our experience how to collect fresh pollen. Pure pollen samples are needed to generate training data for the detection algorithms of the Swisens Poleno. There are many different ways to succeed but the right timing is crucial to harvest the pollen from catkins. Here is a short step-by-step instruction how to do it. For more detailed information we can hand out our Swisens Pollen Collection Manual. Please contact us here!


The aim is to collect pollen relevant for people allergic to pollen. First of all, the items that are helpful for collecting and further processing of pollen are introduced. Further we explain how to find out the right time for collecting. Pollen types are listed with which we have experience and our methods of collecting, cleaning, drying and storing pollen are described.


For the collection and storage of pollen we use centrifuge tubes with conical bottom and standing rim made of plastic with lid as shown below. For the atomization the pollen are filled into plastic cuvettes. For sieving we use an analysis sieve with 63 μm hole size made of stainless steel with a diameter of 50mm