Can SwisensPoleno identify pollen in my region?


Can SwisensPoleno identify pollen in my region? To address this question, in this article we look at our systems for real-time monitoring of pollen. We show which pollen types SwisensPoleno can currently identify. In addition, you will learn what ways exist should the pollen taxa you want not be on the list.

Cost comparison: automatic versus traditional pollen monitoring

Titelbild Kosten Hirst Automatic

In this blog post we venture a comparison of the costs of automated versus traditional pollen monitoring. We look at the initial costs as well as the long-term operating costs of traditional pollen counting with the “Hirst method” versus an automated solution for real-time pollen monitoring.

Real-time pollen monitoring in Europe

SwisensPoleno Jupiter FMI Helsinki

Pollen becomes an issue every year. At the latest in spring and certainly in summer when the birches and grasses start producing pollen. Area-wide pollen monitoring in Europe has been underway in the individual states for decades. However, nationwide, automatic real-time pollen monitoring in Europe is still in its infancy.

The EUMETNET AutoPollen programme

EUMETNET Autopollen programme

This paper describes the rationale behind the EUMETNET AutoPollen programme, which aims to develop a prototype automatic pollen monitoring network across Europe.

Successful proof-of-concept phase

Proof of Concept Phase Team Swisens and MeteoSwiss

The Swiss Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology MeteoSwiss, recently completed the successful proof-of-concept phase for the new Swiss network for automatic pollen measurement, which is being developed in collaboration with Swisens.